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About Cami

Hello and welcome to my creative world! First of all I would like to thank you for choosing me to be your artist. You could paint anywhere with anyone but you chose to see my heart for art, my passion and gift , and my love to bring people together. For that I am truly grateful. To many, painting is a hobby, for me painting is my strongest voice where I share my story as I journey through life.  Here at Paint with Cami Studio, I wanted to create a space for all people so they too can express themselves freely. Works of art, whether in physical or intangible form, can often easily be understood by people from different social, cultural, and political backgrounds. Together we will create art that brings us together and unify us as a people through the Paint with Cami experience. This place will cultivate your inner artist, sparking new creative fires in some and fanning the flames of creativity in others.  All in all, Paint with Cami Studio will provide art classes of all levels for all ages, it will be a refreshing time, and fun for all and any occasion! 

 As your artist, I believe art is essential for physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. I aspire to help alleviate stress, discomforts, and improve mental health by opening up my studio using art as a form of healing and restoration. I'm excited to be your artist and I can't wait to serve you. 

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